Using public APIs helps companies to increase the value of their own resources, create unique content, and meet the requirements of various business tasks. Wrike is no exception. More than 30,000 applications have been created based on the Wrike API. The number of product users is growing, which means that the requirements for the portal are getting higher every day.

In this article, I share my experiences with redesigning the Wrike developer portal interface and show you some changes worth noting.

During the redesign we managed to:

  1. Create intuitive navigation.
  2. Create a grid for optimal content display on both desktop…

2020 wasn’t an easy year for many of us. Our plans, budget, habits, and even thinking changed, and most of us started to work remotely. I believe that the most crucial change was how we communicate with not only our coworkers, but with ourselves.

We still need to plan our workday, make compromises, and, at the same time, remain passionate about our work — even if we’re working in the kitchen without communicating with our team in-person every single day.

I’d like to share with you some tips that helped me build effective communication skills with my colleagues and myself…

Angelina Cooly

Senior Web Designer at Wrike

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